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Dear Chapter Members,

At our October, 2020, meeting the Board approved updates to the Chapter Bylaws. Our bylaws are the chapter operating manual establishing the purpose of the chapter, the role of the board and committees, and the rules of the road for the continued operation, sustainability and good health of ICF Metro DC. We made updates to develop the organizational infrastructure that is needed to support and serve our large and growing membership.  You will notice several changes that allow us to adopt best practices for a chapter of our size. 

Your board members are deeply committed to the organization and, under the leadership of board members Katie Snyder and Adam Smith, we discussed, debated and created a product that we believe will help us to succeed and lead into the future.  Our proposed changes were approved by ICF Global and by our membership

Read Bylaws.

I’d like to call your attention to several of our key changes.

Committees –  Board committees are essential; they provide opportunities for chapter members to make meaningful leadership contributions, build the capacity of our chapter and create a pipeline for future members of the board of directors.  The current bylaws allow for the formation of board committees.  The revised bylaws require permanent committees for communication and marketing, membership, professional development, pro bono, coaching coffees, nominating and the Capital Coaches Conference.  
Board Terms – Currently, a board member term is 2 years.  The revised bylaws change the term to 3 years.  This is consistent with boards for larger organizations and is considered to be a best practice.
Term of Chapter President – Currently, a chapter president serves a 12-month term.  The revised Bylaws allow a chapter president to serve for two years in the position.  While much can be achieved during a 12-month term, the option for a second year provides an opportunity for greater continuity and a longer strategic vision.  This too is considered to be a best practice for boards of directors.

We are fortunate to have such a diverse, talented and committed membership. It is a pleasure to serve as your Board President.