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Board of directors

Gary Crane, PCC
Meet Gary Crane

Gary’s initial career was in senior level finance for federal government agencies and private companies, where he had a strong interest in leadership. He credits his work with an executive coach as transforming him into the type of leader he wanted to be. As he studied more and coached his own staff, he grew so interested that he took an early retirement and began coaching full time.

He joined the ICF Metro DC Chapter in 2015 to network within his new métier. As an active member, he soon reached out to the Board and made use of his accounting skills by serving as Treasurer. He now serves as the President, and looks forward to helping lead ICF Metro DC in its quest to help members maximize their effectiveness through accreditation, continuing education, and community. 


Gary earned coaching certification from Georgetown University, and maintains International Coaching Foundation Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification and Hogan Assessment certification. 

Coaching Focus

Gary specializes in Leadership Coaching as well as strategic planning and management consulting, primarily in the Federal and higher education sectors. He authors a leadership blog, Leading by Example

"To the extent your employees aren’t succeeding, you have to look in the mirror. Coaching helps identify and overcome blind spots and elevate your leadership game."

Marlene Thomas, PCC
President  Elect
Meet Marlene Thomas

When Marlene was still working as a Senior Executive Service (SES) executive, her daughter told her she should be a coach. When she retired from a career as Associate Administrator and CFO, training, and finance, that’s exactly what she did. As President and CEO of Thomas Management Consulting, her first big job was a trial by fire, and she realized she wanted more formal training as a coach. Since then, she has continually sought out additional education and training, and calls herself a lifelong learner. 

Marlene became a member of the Metro DC Chapter in 2016 and soon joined the Board. Knowing that coaching is a somewhat solitary profession, she sought the community provided by working with other coaches. She also wanted to see the Board become more diverse and reflective of its membership.  


Marlene earned a coaching certification from the Coach’s Training Institute (CTI). She is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), and is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  

Coaching Focus

Marlene partners with small-to medium-sized business and non-profit organizations to unlock the potential of individuals and teams. She also works with a lot military persons and executives who are going through career transitions. 

"You must continue to discover new things about yourself, because that’s what makes you better."

Jim Sims
Past President
Meet Jim Sims

In his 30+ years as an attorney in an international law firm, Jim gained valuable experience coaching and mentoring other lawyers and professionals in the firm. Throughout his career, he helped many colleagues hone their skills to better navigate leadership and personnel challenges.

He joined the DC Metro Chapter Board in 2017, chairing and then co-chairing the 2018 and 2019 Capital Coaches Conferences, serving as President Elect in 2018, and President in 2019. As Past President in 2020, he serves as an advisor to the Board and chair of the nominating committee.


Understanding the value, Jim hired his own coach to help to decide whether coaching should be a more formal path for him.  He then completed the Executive Leadership Coaching program at Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership in 2017.

Coaching Focus

Jim primarily coaches senior executives in corporate, non-profit, and legal organizations. He helps executives and rising leaders turn their paths in new directions, and undergo positive transformation for themselves and their organizations.

"A good coach doesn’t give you the answer, but will help uncover blind spots and challenge you in a way that leads toward an answer in support of your goals."

John Curley 
Meet John Curley

John’s career has spanned nearly 40 years, working in many capacities for the United States Department of Treasury. His own positive experience with an executive coach developed his interest in that direction, and he began a journey into executive and leadership coaching.

After earning his certification, John joined ICF in 2017. This year he was named Treasurer of the Metro DC chapter, with responsibilities for financials, budgeting, and the yearly strategic plan. Because of the work he does, John understands the need to pursue well-being. He balances all the desk work with a healthy dose of gym training, sailing, and watersports.


John is a graduate of the coaching program at the Treasury Executive Institute in Washington DC and the University of Cambridge’s executive and group coaching program. He is also a certified federal mediator and a member of the ABA’s dispute resolution committee. 

Coaching Focus

Using a term coined by Dr. Erika James at The Wharton School, John engages in what he describes as ‘crisis leadership’ coaching. His goal is to help executives successfully work through economic, political, health, organizational, and personal challenges. 

"People do not always see themselves or their situations clearly. A coach can help you learn more about yourself and identify strengths that lead to a positive transformation.

Renee Bostick, ACC
Meet Renee Bostick

As a professional educator with 38 years of experience as a classroom teacher and principal, Renee pursued coaching as a natural next step. As a military spouse she moved 27 times, she experienced the challenges of being the ‘new kid on the block,’ and learned how important culture and context for engaging with new people and places. 

She joined the ICF Metro DC Chapter in 2018 and currently serves as Board Secretary, liaising the Coaches Coffees groups and co-chairing the annual ICF Metro DC 2021 Capital Coaches Conference (CCC). 


In addition to a BA from the University of Pittsburgh and an M.Ed. from Indiana University, she is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and completed the George Mason University Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Program. She is co-founder of Bostick Global Strategies (a service-disabled veteran-owned small business) and is serving in her 10th year as a Board member for Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC).

Coaching Focus

Renee helps people develop leadership skills, navigate transitions, and leverage their strengths. 

"I have learned that my clients witness success and a feeling of well-being when they are provided with the space to share their story and the grace to be heard."


Mamie Bittner
Mamie Bittner, M.A., ACC
Board Member
Meet Mamie Bittner

Mamie’s track record as a senior leader spans 25 years. As an executive on Capitol Hill, she has worked with Congress, the Administration, and other federal offices, advising agencies, foundations, and non-profits to support national and local cultural and education institutions. 

She joined the ICF Metro DC Chapter in 2020 and serves on the Board as Chair of the  Communications Committee.   


Mamie is a graduate of the Leadership Coaching for Organizational Well-Being Program at George Mason University.  She is an International Coaching Federation Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  She holds an MA in Education and Human Development from George Washington University and is a Partnership for Public Service Senior Fellow. 

 Coaching Focus

Mamie's coaching practice focuses on leadership development, strategic planning, and organizational initiatives. She incorporates a lot of well-being practices into her personal life as well as her work. An avid cyclist, she has pedaled more than 20,000 miles commuting to and from work.   

 "One of the most exciting things about coaching is that moment when a client’s awareness shifts and they experience clarity and the freedom to move forward with confidence."

Adrienne Fikes, M.Ed, PCC
Board Member 
Meet Adrienne Fikes

Adrienne is the Soul Power Coach™, a civic advocate, creator of the #16 Greats Challenge, TEDx speaker, and author of the mindfulness workbook Finding Your #UnspeakableJoy: Right There Where You Are. Formerly a training and development specialist and management analyst, Adrienne supported senior leadership and civilian workforce development for the Navy’s strategic missile system. She has served on the Board of The Parent Leadership Training Institute of Alexandria since 2005, and is the former director.

Since joining the ICF Metro DC Board in 2019, she has chaired the International Coaching Week 2020 committee and launched the Racial Justice Community of Practice, as well as a virtual salon for PCC and MCC members.


Certified by the Success Unlimited Network (SUN) in 2008, Adrienne became a SUN Associate Coach Trainer to uphold a high standard of excellence in coaching. She is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Coaching Focus

Adrienne coaches a decision-making framework that allows her clients to stand firm in their deepest truth; have consistent access to unspeakable joy; see broader possibilities before making an important decision; and develop the deep roots and bubble wrap to cope with racism and pandemic-sized anxiety.

"Coaching creates strategies and systems for clarity, decisiveness, and unspeakable joy. An extraordinary coach is one who is their own best client."

J. Howard , Ph.D., PCC
Board Member
Meet J. Howard

A proud West Point grad with a M.S. from University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from Syracuse, Jerusalem (known as J.) is both educator and coach. As an adjunct Assistant Professor, he’s taught Human Resources Management and Organizational Development at undergraduate and graduate levels. As an executive and leadership development coach, he helps his clients learn and grow as leaders. J. joined the DC Metro Chapter in 2017 and has worked with the pro bono committee and Capital Coaches Conference (CCC). This year he heads up the Membership Committee, and has goals set for engaging members, showing value, and growing the chapter. 


J. earned a Graduate Certificate in Executive and Professional Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas. He is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Additional training includes Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certification and Leadership Circle Profile Certification. 

Coaching Focus

J. gravitates toward career and leadership development coaching. He works with emerging leaders and executives as they create their leadership development plans. In his private practice, he manages 60 coaches at all levels in various federal agencies. 

"I often work with people who have a plan and want to get somewhere, but just need some clarification around what makes sense for them at this point in time."

Lorri Manassee, Ph.D., PCC
Board Member
Meet Lorri Manassee

Lorri’s background includes a career as an educator, researcher, and human relations consultant before founding Cortland Group in 1984. In addition to consulting, she has 25 years’ experience in executive coaching. She has been adjunct faculty at Georgetown University and the Federal Executive Institute, as well as at UCLA and USC.

This is Lorri’s third year on the Metro DC Board. She is co-chair of the Pro Bono Committee, and has worked to revitalize the chapter’s pro bono work. Since 2017, she has facilitated the completion of seven pro bono projects, involving nearly 80 experienced coaches. She is also heavily involved in IGNITE, the ICF initiative of igniting social progress through coaching, in support of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The chapter has completed two IGNITE projects and is embarking on a third one for 2020-2021.


She earned certification as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) and also studied Presence Based Coaching with Doug Silsbee. 

Coaching Focus

Lorri’s primary focus is executive coaching. She also specializes in leadership and organizational development. 

"Coaching differs from consulting. As a coach, I’m helping my clients meet their own challenges, not giving them advice. When I consult, I consult on the problem; when I coach, I coach the person."

Katie Snyder, MBA, JD, MSOD, PCC
Board Member

Meet Katie Snyder

Katie’s background includes practice as a trust and estate attorney, director of development for non-profit, and operations director of an art center. Coaching since 2013, she started her own consulting group, Catalens LLC, in 2018. She coaches a variety of people, including lawyers, hospital administrators, and non-profit leaders. 

Believing a good leader is a servant leader, Katie has served on many boards and community pro bono projects. After joining ICF, Katie took a position on the Metro DC Board and co-chairs the 2020 Pro Bono Committee. 


In addition to graduate degrees in Business, Law, and Organizational Dynamics, Katie is bar certified in Virginia, New York, and Washington DC. She holds multiple coaching certifications, and is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Coaching Focus

Katie’s background is the cornerstone for her work as a coach and facilitator of conflict resolution and workflow planning. She also specializes in talent development for high potentials and leaders in transition.

"I believe the profession of coaching enables us to engage with people from all walks of life and serve as their mountain climbing partner, second on rope, to help them along in their journey. As a coach you don’t know the chosen path but you can support and challenge to assure progress."