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PD Event - Polarities

March 18, 2020
6:00 PM EDT - 7:15 PM EDT
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The world is filled with polarities – seemingly opposite states that must coexist over time for success to occur. Candor and Diplomacy. Structure and Flexibility. Hope and Reality. Self and Other. While many approach these polarities with either/or thinking, research shows that leaders, teams, and organizations that navigate them using a both/and mindset significantly outperform those who don’t. The trick is knowing how.

In this session, Kelly Lewis will discuss her research that explores the many ways leaders and organizations suffer when they treat polarities as an either/or proposition. And, she’ll share the Polarity Navigator, a practical tool that helps people reframe polarities with a both/and mindset which, in turn, leads to more positive relationships, more sustainable results, and greater resiliency.

Join us for a rich discussion on how you can use this framework to harness the tension inherent in polarities to be a positive and creative multiplier in any system of which you’re a part. 


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