Interview with George Rogers 11.22.14

The videos provide a facilitated interview with George Rodgers, ICF Staff Advisor on process and procedure.  The three interviews provide great information on Credentialing, Assessments/Testing and PCC Markers with associated questions.

George Rodgers First Discussion

George Rodgers Video 1 (30 min) – George introduces himself and describes his role with ICF as a process and procedure advisor.  He discusses the purpose of credentialing and how ICF conducts the process.  It includes ICF’s view of a coach’s development and credentialing journey with emphasis on the definition of a coach, core competencies and code of ethics.  George also describes the HQ organization, staff (HW and field), roles and responsibilities and ongoing research activities.  He then turns to assessments in some detail, which carries over into Video 2.

George Rodgers First Discussion cont.

Video 2 (30 min) continues the discussion of assessments and then turns to a detailed discussion of PCC Markers: what they are, their purpose for assessors, and how they are to be used.  A Q&A session with the audience begins in this video and continues to Video 3.

George Rodgers Q&A

Video 3 (13 min) continues the Q&A covering a broad spectrum of topics.

More about our guest: 

George Rogers serves as an Assistant Executive Director for the International Coach Federation and since 2007 has provided direction for the operation and enhancement of ICF’s individual credentialing and training program accreditation processes.  Under George’s leadership and with the assistance of staff and ICF Coach volunteers these programs continue to grow in all regions of the world.   Under George's leadership and with the assistance of staff and ICF coach volunteers, these programs continue to grow in all regions of the world.  At present more than 15,000 individuals hold one of ICF's three credentials and there are more than 350 ICF approved training providers.

*Video(s) generously provided by ICF Metro DC Chapter Member, Mark House.