Around the world, leaders are being asked to think more broadly, be more creative, and deal more flexibly with ambiguity and change. This means that the call is for leaders not only to behave differently, but also to think in different ways about the challenges of our time. This demand on leaders places new demands on coaches to support our clients to grow new capacities. It also places new demands on us to pay attention to our own developmental journeys. In this interactive keynote, Jennifer will offer a theory of adult development and some ways coaches can think about supporting others to grow while also growing themselves.

Alexander Caillet

Title: The Power and Potential of Team Coaching on Individuals, Teams and Organizations

Unique among team development modalities, team coaching involves making real-time interventions as a team performs real work—which helps to generate in-the-moment awareness, immediate shifts in behavior, and sustainable improvements in effectiveness and results. In this dynamic, interactive session, we’ll illustrate the power and potential of team coaching through a real client case. Participants will learn what team coaching looks, sounds, and feels like; when and how it complements other forms of team development; and the impact it can have on individuals, teams, and entire organizations.  They’ll walk away with new insights and excitement about this fast-growing field of work.

Carrie Spaulding

Like all humans, we coaches are creatures of habit, subject to our own filters, learning, egos, and blind spots. How can coaching professionals—from the newest to the most seasoned—step out of our default patterns and comfort zones to truly dance in the moment? In this highly experiential workshop, coaches will learn the basic rules and skills of improvisation, developing core competencies in an entirely new way. By letting go of control and engaging in true collaboration, coaches will experience greater freedom, creativity, listening, presence, power, and willingness to take risks and go deeper into the unknown. Coaches will walk away with enhanced skills, a greater awareness of their personal blind spots and growth opportunities, and a toolkit of exercises to use for their own continued development and with clients.