Pro Bono Opportunities

In the last year, our chapter has renewed its efforts and activities around pro bono coaching.  Why?  There are at least three reasons:

  • It is our opportunity to provide service to our community
  • It is an opportunity to expose organizations to coaching and demonstrate the value of coaching
  • It provides members an opportunity to accumulate coaching hours toward ICF credentials.

We recently completed our first Ignite pro bono project.  Ignite is a program that originated with the International ICF Foundation.  It is designed to use the skills of coaching to accelerate (ignite) social progress.  It is aligned with the 2010 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, specifically, SDG #4—to ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.  ICF Metro DC was one of the first chapters to initiate and complete an Ignite project; there are currently 45 Ignite projects world-wide.

Our Ignite client was the Institute for Educational Leadership, which has multiple programs designed to equip leaders to better prepare children and youth for college, careers, and leadership.  Based in Washington DC, IEL works with leaders nationally through its various programs.  11 ICF coaches coached the 11 top leaders of IEL, including the CEO, providing approximately 90 hours of pro bono coaching at a value of more than $27,000 dollars. Every one of our Ignite coaches, all PCC or MCC, expressed great satisfaction with their experience.  They got to work with motivated clients in a supportive organizational setting.  They feel that they made a difference.  Dr. Johan Uvin, IEL CEO, spoke at the Capital Coaches Conference about the impact of the coaching on him personally, on his senior team, and on the organization over-all.  He is so pleased with the effort that he has asked us to return to the organization to coach the next level of leadership.  We will be moving forward on that request in early 2019.

Based on the success of our Ignite project, we are planning several new pro bono coaching projects in the next year.  The first, with Teach for America’s Executive Fellows program, will begin in December.  We have filled all of those slots with volunteers who signed up at the Capital Coaches Conference.  However, we anticipate a second Teach for America project, as well as the second IEL project, to begin early next year.  We are also looking for additional pro bono coaching options for our members.

If you would like to do pro bono coaching through our chapter, or you would like to help identify and manage pro bono coaching opportunities, please contact Lorri Manasse at [email protected].   We think you will find it a satisfying, challenging, and worthwhile endeaver.