President's Message

The world has changed and without a doubt we will be changing, too. The events of the last week demonstrate how urgent the call for change has become.

As the largest city ICF chapter in the world, with the potential to be even larger, our ICF Metro DC Chapter has the capacity and ingenuity and even a responsibility to lead the way in advancing the art, science and practice of coaching through the challenges of today and beyond.

None of us can know what this will look like. In a recent Wall Street Journal interview, Unilever CEO Alan Jope was quoted as saying “There is no such thing yet as a new normal. Nobody has the faintest idea of what the new normal looks like.”

What I do know is that these times call for ICF Metro DC to build on our success and rise to the leadership challenge we face.  For members of the board this started with a planning session several weeks ago. At this session I shared my vision that ICF Metro DC must evolve to continue to create value for members. In the coming year we will be re-examining everything we do and asking, if we weren’t already doing this, would we start doing it now? How can we best deliver support and leadership to our members?

At our planning session we envisioned the structural changes that are needed to increase the board’s capacity for leadership while assuring consistency and quality service to members. This will include developing robust working committees in all functional areas of the board. . As a result, our board will be able to focus on the future and make decisions about new directions grounded in member recommendations, strategic thinking, research and trends, and we will create a stronger pipeline for future board members.

Leadership will require focus over time and I’m pleased that Marlene Thomas, our President Elect will have a prominent leadership role to assure consistency from one administration to the next. This will facilitate the strategy and vision that is needed to lead an organization of our size as we re-examine our operating structure. 

As we move forward, this year will be different.  We will be experimenting. We’ve already adapted in the short term with virtual coaches coffees and an outstanding slate of International Coaching Week programming. Will everything be perfect? Probably not. I am asking you to join us on this journey as we begin the process of reinventing ourselves as an organization to better support your needs.

I invite your thoughts and ask you to consider what ICF Metro DC should look like in the year 2025.

I hope that you will get in touch with me at [email protected] and contribute. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and work on a committee you care about, share your thought leadership and continue to shape ICF Metro DC.

Finally, I would like to thank the Presidents I have learned from and admired during my five years of board service. Freddi Donner, Todd Dallanegra, Kori Diehl, Brooke Carpenter, and our current Past President Jim Sims have given me a great appreciation for what it means to lead this organization. 

Have a great day and stay safe,

Gary Crane