The ICF Foundation launched the Ignite Initiative in 2017 to harness the collective power of ICF coaches to accelerate and amplify results in alignment with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goal #4 (Education.) The vision is to build capacity through coaching leaders in education, accelerating and amplifying results.

Our Metro DC chapter launched our own Ignite project in March of 2018.  We have 10 certified coaches working with 10 leaders of the Institute for Educational Leadership.  Each IEL leader, including the CEO, is receiving 8 hours of pro bono coaching from our awesome members.  We are getting very positive feedback from both coaches and coachees.  We are proud to be one of 35 Ignite projects deployed through ICF Chapters around the globe.   

As our initial project completes, later in the year, we will identify a new Ignite client and provide more opportunities for our members to participate in this effort.  In the mean time, the ICF Foundation has recently expanded the Ignite initiative on a global level with a partnership with UNICEF, coaching mid-level managers in the Education sector of the organization. Recently, credentialed coaches around the globe received an RFP with information about participating in the global project.  The response was overwhelming—so much so that the response deadline was moved up from July 6 to June 27, through a Facebook notification.  If you missed the deadline, don’t despair!  There will be other opportunities to “ignite social progress through coaching.”  And a huge thank you to all of our Metro DC Ignite coaches, including those on our waiting list. 

If you know of an organization in the DC metro area that might be a possible candidate for our next Ignite project or for other pro bono coaching, please contact Lorri Manasse.  [email protected]   202-262-3272.