September 2014 Direct Mail Letter from the Board

            September 2014

Dear Members,

Are you taking full advantage of your ICF Metro DC Chapter membership?  As your Board, we are reaching out to let you know of the many ways that you can engage with your chapter and grow as a professional coach.   Before we share that information, we also want you to know that:

We are here to help you succeed as a coach

ICF Metro DC is a 99% volunteer organization (we pay for a part-time virtual assistant).

We rely heavily on email as a cost-effective means of reaching our nearly 900 members

Our website ( is the place to go for current information and upcoming events

The best way to get the most return from your membership is to participate in the chapter. Here are seven ways for you to get involved:

Attend our events. We produce in-person and webinar programs that help you advance your coaching career, plus the annual Capital Coaches Conference. Most programs qualify for CCEUs. We also have Community Coffees, Town Calls, and Community of Practice (CoP) meetings– which are free, and organized by your fellow chapter members.

Volunteer to support the organization and raise awareness about coaching. We have lots of needs on our various committees: communications, professional development, membership, outreach, sponsorships, the Capital Coaches Conference, and more. You can find detailed descriptions on our website. Plus, we welcome new ideas and initiatives.  Every hour and every talent helps!

Participate on the Board.  Members can self-nominate or be nominated by another member. Look for the "call for Board nominations" this fall in News and Notes and/or contact a current Board member.

Volunteer to coach through our pro bono coaching partnerships. You can use these hours towards your ICF certification.  See the website for details on both credentialing and pro bono opportunities.

Learn the steps to getting your next level of credential, and meet your local mentor coaches who are ready to help you get there.

Update your profile on We want to get lots of traffic coming to our site from people who are looking for coaches. Your updated profile will help make this part of our site complete.

Read the bi-weekly News and Notes delivered to your inbox so that you can be informed of all the events that are happening around the Metro DC area.

All of our contact information is also on the site. Reach out and connect, attend, and get involved. We are delighted to be representing the coaching profession and helping you advance your career.



Carol Goldsmith, Freddi Donner, Patti Fraser, Patti Millar, Jane Kerschner, Todd Dallanegra, Barbara Smith, Elsie Chang, Anne Conlan, Parker Mabry, Rob Moran