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Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT)

August 03, 2017 6:30 PM EDT to October 15, 2017 9:00 PM EDT
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The George Washington University Alexandria Graduate Center


Event Title:  Leadership Embodiment Coach Training (LECT)
Date:  Jun 8-11; Aug 3-6; Oct 12-15, 2017 
Location:  The George Washington University Alexandria Graduate Center, 413 John Carlyle St #250, Alexandria, VA 22314 (5 min walk from the King Street Blue/Yellow Line Metro Stop)
Event Sponsor:  The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership in Partnership with Leadership Embodiment
Presenter(s):  Wendy & Tiphani Palmer
ICF Member Cost ($):  $11,500
Non-Member Cost ($): $11,800
Contact Person:  Ina Gjikondi-Cecchetto
Contact Phone Number:  202.994.5313
Contact E-Mail:

Event Description:  The Leadership Embodiment Coach Training is a 6-month certification training that offers participants the concepts, language and structure of how we share the LE model with individuals and groups.  The LE model certification can be an invaluable tool for coaches, facilitators, teachers and others.  Recommend adding more information if advertised alone.



The 6-month LECT program consists of 3 training modules. Each module is 4 days long (Thursday thru Sunday). Sessions are held every 2 months.


  • Session 1 Material Sequencing – Foundational model process
    • Introducing a client or team to the LE model – Context and Language
    • Centering/ Partner Centering – Core foundation exercise
    • Centered Listening – Receiving feedback/difficult conversations


  • Session 2 Material Sequencing – Foundational model process
    • Inspiration and Declaration - How to resource qualities and craft a declaration
    • Speaking Up/ Taking a Stand – Inspired Speaking Up in the face of adversity


  • Ongoing Client Session Material
    • Taking Risks
    • Visibility and Transparency
    • The Challenge of Success

In addition to the training sessions, trainees are invited though not required to receive or partake in the following:

  • Receive a minimum of 1- 1hr, individual coaching session from a LECT Instructor 
  • Receive 2 mentor coaching sessions from previously graduated LE Associates 
  • Be invited to train with a trainee practice pod meeting virtually between training sessions
  • Take on practice coaching client(s) 


Meditation is an integral part of LE training, and participants are asked to engage in a minimum of 15 minutes of meditation per day. Participants will be asked to report on their meditation experiences or insights at the beginning of every training session.  


Participants will receive a training binder that includes schedules, program guidelines, and a training manual. Participants will be given access to an online LE Community Portal and are expected to log in to use that site for communication, reporting and discussion throughout the course. (And the portal will be a continuing community resource.)


Attendance is mandatory at all training sessions, no makeups will be offered. Only in the case of a family or medical emergency, can accommodations be made. Mentoring and practice group sessions are NOT mandatory. Mentoring sessions may be held in person, by phone or through video-conference (Skype).

Upon graduation from the LECT program, participants will be certified in the LE model and entitled to use it with groups, organizations and individuals. Graduates receive a range of privileges and offerings, including the opportunity to access the 1 time fee based - professional association, ongoing teaching community participation, access to the on-line LE Community Portal and special courses.