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The Intern Blog- CCC History at a Glance

I had the honor of interviewing Carol Goldsmith, the returning Chair of the CCC, to discuss the development of the CCC over the past 12 years. The Capital Coaches Conference was started by an early chapter president, Bill Pullen, with about 50-75 attendees. In the past 2-3 years, the conference has been fortunate to see immense growth and a sold-out 2014 crowd of 600 people! Many changes have taken place besides just the additional numbers, though. Carol explained that the CCC has historically been held on a college campus (originally George Washington and later George Mason). However, over the past 2 years, the conference has moved to a hotel. With better accommodations and a more formal atmosphere, the CCC has continued to flourish with professional help. While still a volunteer-driven event, ICF DC Metro contracts Conference Managers to assist with aspects like booking the venue, contracting vendors, and running registration. The added help has contributed to the smooth planning process.

While professional advising certainly increases the efficiency of the planning and management process, it is still a year-long endeavor with countless volunteers. Carol serves as the chair (“for the third and final time”) while David Bean and Suzanne Keaton assist as co-chairs. Patti Fraser, the Treasurer of the Board, serves as the Finance Chair for the CCC as well. Additionally, more volunteers form a Steering Committee, Program Committee, a Sponsor and Exhibitor Committee, a Communications Committee, and a Conference Support Team. All of these volunteers work together to ensure a smooth event! The process includes everything necessary: initially deciding on a date, venue, theme, and keynote speakers, creating a budget and signing contracts accordingly, encouraging public relations and advertisements, working with Conference Managers to register attendees, and even stuffing bags and running mics the day of the conference.

While the year of planning and coordination has been overwhelming in the past, Carol’s experience as a chair for the conference in the past 2 years has helped her manage this year’s experience for the expanded conference. Rather than a one day conference on a Thursday in June, the 2015 CCC will take place on a weekend in October and last for 2 days. The tremendous positive impact that the conference has on the ICF DC Metro Chapter is easily seen; the longer CCC is a response to the feedback of conference participants. Carol explained that the “CCC is a very important thing for our chapter. So when you consider that last year we had 600 attendees and even 400 the year before that, that surpasses everything else we do.” Participants enjoy the conference because of the networking opportunities, the learning experience, the interaction with other experts, and the environment for fostering fun yet relevant community connections. Hopefully we will see you there!

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The Intern Blog - Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Meagan Edwards and I am the Communications Intern for the ICF DC Metro! I work with the Board to make sure that we are communicating with our members and promoting our chapter externally as well. I am extremely excited to be involved with the communications for the 12th annual Capital Coaches Conference coming up in October! This blog will feature different previews, stories, and interviews up until the conference to make sure that everyone is staying informed. Hopefully, the short updates will build your excitement for the CCC right alongside mine!

The CCC will take place October 3-4th at the Bethesda North Marriott. Registration is now open! You’re invited to join us as we discuss the future of coaching, partner with vendors, hear from keynote speakers (Charles Eisenstein and Julio Olalla), and participate in workshops showcasing the specializations of our members. We can’t wait to see you at the conference! For more information on the CCC, volunteer opportunities, and registration, visit the website at

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Competent to the Core: Mastering the ICF Core Competency Teleclass Series

In case you haven’t taken the opportunity to attend one of the ICF Philadelphia sponsored Competent to the Core: Mastering the ICF Core Competency Teleclass Series, it is not too late! This is an excellent way to deepen your expertise of the competencies!

Facilitator Lynn Meinke, PCC, is getting rave reviews for her in-depth teaching of each competency and the high engagement of her audience. As a coaching educator with over 15 years experience teaching all levels of coaching education, she lives and breathes the core competencies. She is on the faculty of the University of Texas at Dallas teaching group coaching methodologies and providing supervisory coaching and assessing in its Executive Coaching Program. She is also a senior faculty member at the Institute for Life Coach Training where she teaches foundational and advanced levels of coaching and provides mentoring, supervision and assessing.

Purchase the classes online.

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