Mission, Vision, Purpose

The Metro DC Chapter of the International Coach Federation provides the nation's capital with a local forum for the art and science of coaching where we inspire transformational conversations, advocate excellence, and expand awareness of the contribution that coaching is to the future of humankind. It is also our mission to be the voice of the greater Washington, DC-area coaching community to the national organization, supporting them in meeting the needs of all members and the coaching profession.

The focus of the chapter revolves around four key pillars:

  • Make an impact for our members
  • Make an impact on the community
  • Make an impact on the profession
  • Provide leadership to ICF at the national and local levels

The goal is to serve each of these pillars in a way that expands the possibilities, while maintaining our quality.

In order to advance the chapter’s accomplishment in these four pillars, the following areas of strategic focus will be of priority importance:

  • Member Involvement – getting more members involved in the chapter volunteer experiences.
  • Professional Development – providing opportunities for members to engage in learning that expands professional accomplishment and credibility.
  • Community Involvement – raising the profile of coaching in the community through service work and advocacy.