President's Welcome Message

Dear Coaching Professionals!


Mother Nature is treating us to some spectacular Fall weather!  And, nearly 50 members of the ICF Metro DC Chapter took advantage of some near-outdoor time at the recent Horse Sense for Leaders and Coaches event at Frying Pan Park in Herndon, VA.  Here are just a few take-aways from this event that I continue to marinate in. 

·       When you’ve gotten knocked off your horse, what has allowed you to get back on?

·       How do your roots affect you?

·       How do you establish a relationship--or do you move too quickly to build one? (Tuckman’s Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing model comes to mind)

·       Where is power/energy coming from fear? How do we tap into power/energy from a different source?

·       In my coaching relationships, where (and to what effect) does anxiety get introduced either consciously or unconsciously? 

·       How do I empower my clients to do their own work? Where do I over-function?

·       Where has my client given up on a dream (a disowned future)? What might benefit from reconnecting to that dream?

·       How do I learn from my client what I can do to help them be successful?

·       With clients, how do you know when to quit? (When is the session best closed even if the allotted time has not elapsed?) What would cause you to keep working the session, even if all signals indicated “we’re done for today”? 

While we were “horsing around” it was a profoundly meaningful experience for many. We’ll continue to look for new venues and new avenues for insight in our Professional Development opportunities.  Any suggestions? Let me know! 

While Mother Nature continues to play along with us, take a breath, take a walk, take a friend.



Kori Diehl, PhD, MBA, PCC, ACE certified health coach

President, ICF Metro DC Chapter 2017-2018